Photo Protector


Photo Protector is a simple tool that helps you create your private photo album with password protection.

Highlight features:

- All album with Password Protection Option 

- Add photos from device’s photo album/camera roll

- Upload photos form your PC 

- Photo slide show

- Create albums in your device, manage photos easily


6 thoughts on “Photo Protector

  1. Every image that i import from iphone image folder and are taken with iphone camera ends up rotated and distorted after importing. Serious problem or bug. I have 3gs and ios4 installed.

    admin Reply:

    thanks for your bug report, we will try our best to fix these bugs at the next update.

  2. It would be nice if you could select all items in a folder instead of having to click each photo separately.

  3. I have forgotten my password. Is there anywhere I can retrieve my password??? I have many memorable photos inside. Please help!!!

    admin Reply:

    The password is been encrypted, can not be restore.
    If you have some friends who is computer nerd for iPhone, maybe he can help you recover these photos.

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