Daily Data Tracker

Daily Data Tracker is a simple iPhone tool for monitoring your personal data daily.You can store and track any kind of data, such as your weight, baby’s height, temperate, blood pressure, and so on.

This tool helps you customize category name, define the  unit name, add/edit/delete data easily.It will store your data by date, keep all the data information in database.

It can generate data graphic for each of your data  automatically, help you see the trend of your data.

Your category, your data, in your control!

10 thoughts on “Daily Data Tracker

  1. When entering historical data series, app does not properly save dates and in the case of time, it saves current time rather than the time entered

    admin Reply:

    we have fixed it at version 1.3, which version do you use?
    in the new version, you can just click the black button which named “year selected” in the data enter view.

  2. In the first version, graph showed data proportionately per time. Now (update of 16 august) it disappeared. Could you implemente this in the future?

    admin Reply:

    disappeared? Can you provide us your data detail?

    alain Reply:

    if you entered 3 datas :
    08/01/2010 8:00 -> 79kg
    08/02/2010 8:00 -> 78kg
    08/11/2010 8:00 -> 77kg
    You have the same distance between 08/01 08/02 and 08/0208-11 but in the first you one day and in the second nine days.
    It would be better if distance was proportionately to days.
    (excuse me for langage but i’m french….)

    admin Reply:

    Thank you,we will fix this bug at next update.:)

  3. Love the program. I had difficulties to load to computer. The download resulted in a kind of a web page , which, when put in an excell file was in one column, not in three. What can i do to change that?

  4. The point posted by Alain in august 2010, is still true for the iPad version

    Another bug is the ip address given for import export which does not work


  5. I purchased the app but discovered after the fact that it can only track weight in kilograms. A future release with the ability to switch fom metric to imperial and the U.S. weight system (called Customary Units) would be especially handy. For the time being I’ll have to convert pounds to kilograms from the scale.

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