Calendar Reminder For iPhone Released

Calendar Reminder makes it easy to manage recurrent events, daily work tasks. Never forget your wife’s birthday. Never be late for important meetings.

Top 5 reasons for choosing Calendar Reminder
* “Remind me in 30 minutes” in super easy way!
* Birthday and anniversary reminder
* Calendar planner for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly
* One time reminder for appointments, meetings
* reminder with sound or vibrate when mute.

Wireless Disk



Wireless Disk is a simple tool for turning your iPhone/iPod touch into a wireless, mobile external hard drive.

Use your WiFi Connection, you can now share, copy, and backup any size of files to and from your PC / Mac / Linux / or another iPhone/iPod touch!


- Use your local WiFi network to transfer files from your desktop PC

- Password protect your files

- Rename/Upload/Delete file easily


Photo Protector


Photo Protector is a simple tool that helps you create your private photo album with password protection.

Highlight features:

- All album with Password Protection Option 

- Add photos from device’s photo album/camera roll

- Upload photos form your PC 

- Photo slide show

- Create albums in your device, manage photos easily


Password Cube Has Been Released

Password Cube is a simple tool for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad,  it helps you organize passwords and PIN codes, such as email account, social network account, software serial number, online game account, and so on.

.store your account and password
.set password for lunch this software
.tags help you organize your account

Daily Data Tracker

Daily Data Tracker is a simple iPhone tool for monitoring your personal data daily.You can store and track any kind of data, such as your weight, baby’s height, temperate, blood pressure, and so on.

This tool helps you customize category name, define the  unit name, add/edit/delete data easily.It will store your data by date, keep all the data information in database.

It can generate data graphic for each of your data  automatically, help you see the trend of your data.

Your category, your data, in your control!